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It display visual representation of the status of Today,Recent Activities,Customer Overview,Over all and allows you to directly perform associated operations with the Dash Board.
Today: Its show the flow chart based on order details

  • Open:It indicated in Blue color.
  • Approved:It indicated in Light Green color.
  • Prepared:It indicated in Yellow color.
  • Delivered:It indicated in Light Red color.
  • Rejection:It indicated in Light blue color.

For more information follow the below figure:
Figure for Today


Recent Activities & Customer Overview:
Recent activities: Its show the activity along with particular time based on order.
Customer Overview: Its show the overview of customer in the table like

  • Total Customers
  • Active Customers
  • New Customers
  • Total Orders
  • Order per Customers

for more information follow the right side figure:

 Figure for Recent Activities & Customer Overview

Over all:It show the Delivery and Rejected details in the dash board screen
Delivery indicate in Red color.
Rejected indicate in Blue color.
for more information follow the right side figure

Figure for Overall

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