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Manage Coupon

Unavu Sellers >Menu>Manage Coupon
Manage Coupon:You just click on manage coupon in menu contain list it should be navigated to manage coupon to add coupon for restaurant.
Duration Period:After completion of date the coupon will auto change into Red color.
Process:When you enter into manage coupon find the first button on top of right side.Click on +Add Coupon button is used to add new coupon of the restaurant for more information follow the figure
Figure for Coupon Management

Add coupon

Filed Available in+Add Coupon:
Coupon Code(text box):Enter the coupon code based on restaurant need.For example:Election offer etc….

Per User Count(text box):Enter the per user count.For example:22 etc…

Discount Value(text box):Enter the discount value.For example:55.00 etc…..

Start Date(text box):Set the date by click on start date.
For example:2016-05-19 etc…..

End Date(text box):Set the date by click on end date.
For example:2016-06-20 etc…..

Min Cart Value(text box):Enter the min cart value for need.
For example:5.00 etc…..

Max Discount Value(text box):Enter the max discount value for need.For example: 3.00 etc….
Max Usage Count:Enter the max usage for need.For example:55 etc….
Select Offer Type:In product two options are available they are

  • Fixed
  • Percentage

Select coupon status:In product two options are available they are

  • Disable:Select to don’t show the offer.
  • Enable:Select to show the offer.
  • Submit:Button for process.

After enter all field click on “Submit” button and check the coupon management to view add coupon all details for more information follow below figure:
Figure for +Add Coupon:

+Add Coupon

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