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Restaurant profile

Unavu seller>Registration>Menu>Manage Restaurant> Restaurant Profile

Restaurant Profile:It is nothing to specify the restaurants.If u want to modify the restaurant profile it is possible in restaurants profile.
Field Available:
Cuisine:Specialty in particular items (Ex:Briyani).
Your Restaurant Minimum Order:Specify the particular order in limit (Ex:100pounds).
Delivery Time:Specify the particular order delivery timing (Ex: 50mins).
Escalate Minutes (set 5 mins):Specify the particular escalate number(Ex:9666764663).If you select zero in escalate minutes and specify the number to accept call form customers with in duration time period. 

Set 0 for No Escalation Mobile Number:Specify the particular order escalate timing(Ex:0). if you keep zero as default you won’t get call form the user.
Currency:Select the based on Country (Ex INR,Pounds, Dollar).
Update Details:button

Process:If u need modify any field select (for example let us take as Delivery time and change 30 min’s into 50 min’s) and click on Update Details button for more information follow the below figure:

Figure for Restaurant Profile:

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