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Restaurant Details

Unavu seller>Registration>Menu>Manage Restaurant> Restaurant details

Restaurant Details:Restaurants details is nothing but address of the restaurants.If you want to modify the restaurant details it is possible in restaurants details
Field Available:
Restaurant Name:Enter name of the restaurant(Ex: London treat).
Restaurant Mail:Enter mail of the restaurant(Ex: London treat@gmail.com).
Restaurant Address 1:Enter address 1 of the restaurant(Ex: 293-296 high street north).
Restaurant Address 2:Enter address 2 of the restaurant(Ex: Bucks).
Restaurant City:Enter city of the restaurant(Ex:London).
Restaurant Postcode:Enter postcode of the restaurant(Ex: EC2A4N).
Restaurant Country:Enter country of the restaurant(Ex:UK).
Update Details: Button for update the details of the restaurant

Process:If u need modify any field select (for example let us take as restaurant country and change the text UK into India) and click on Update Details button for more information follow the below figure:

Figure for Restaurants

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