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Add Cat

Unavu Sellers>Menu>Manage Catalog>+Add Cat
+Add Cat:You just click on mange catalog in menu contain list it should be navigated to menu catalog for restaurant.The catalog is used to add,edit and hide the category and product name of the restaurant.The screen is managed by the manager or owner of the restaurant.
Figure for +Add Cat

maincatalog for add Category mobile
Process for Add Category:When you enter into manage catalog find the second button on top of right side.Click on+Add Cat button is used to add new category of the restaurant for more information follow the figure
Filed Available in+Add Cat:
Select Category(List view):Select the by default Root to add new category

Enter Category name(Text box):Enter the category name
For example:Break fast,Lunch,Special offer etc…..

Enter Category Description(Text box):Enter the description based on category.For example:Consist with sugar and fruit etc…..

Category Status(List view):In category two options are available they are

  • Show
  • Don’t Show

Show:If you select the show option in category status it will show the items the category list.for more information follow the below figure
Figure for Show in Add Category 

Category status for show

Don’t Show:If you Select the don’t show option in category status it will hide the category name for the list for more information follow the below figure
Figure for Don’t Show in Add category

Category status for don't show

To click “Submit” button the entered category name and description is added in the catalog.For more information follow below figure:
Figure for Add Category

how toAdd catalog mobile

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