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A journal entry is a proper accounting entry used to identify a business transaction. The entry itemizes accounts that are debited and credited, and should combine some  details of the reason for the entry, as well as the date.
Filed Available:
Transaction Date:It need to specify the particular date to set.
Ledger From : It indicate to specify the particular name.
Ledger TO: It indicate to specify the particular payment type.
Amount : Enter amount.
Notes : To comment on ledger based on contra.
Create Journal : To process the  journal button.

For example let us take as
Transaction Date:26/04/2017.
Ledger form: Round off.
Ledger To: Cash.

Notes:Comment on deposit
Process:Click on deposit to display create deposit screen and enter the Transaction Date,Select the Ledger’s form the list(bank to Cash (or) Cash to Bank),Amount and Notes and click on Create Journal button.For more information follow the below figure:
Figure for JournalAccounts-Journal-Unavu

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