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Purchasing for any Items especially for new established industry is very complex and intricate factory. Basically it is a sub system which has to be integrated and operated as a part of whole operational system. Purchasing and receiving of  items like meat, produce, groceries, bakery and dairy products, seafood and burgers require a complete system.
This section will provide you knowledge based on Purchase items entire by using Unavu  POS application

In Purchase you can entire the purchase details by selecting the Suppliers with Purchase order number, date by date and invoice with tax and Extra charges on items with discount offers by the suppliers.Purchase-002

If you want to remove or delete click on Close button it will be delete. If the you have purchase discount try to enter into field and also extra charges and select the status from the list  enable or Disable. and click on Add button to update the details.Purchase-003if you want to see the Purchase reports. Go to menu. Select the reports from the menu list. focus on left side portion of the screen. you find the Purchase reports history. you can see the By items reports of purchase, By orders reports of Purchase. By suppliers reports of Purchase.Puchase-history-reports

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