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The processes and methods used to convert  the raw materials or goods into  production services. Resources are used in this process to create an output that is suitable for use or has items into Product.
This section will provide you knowledge based on Production entire by using Unavu  POS application.
In Production  you can entire the IN & OUT items  by searching the items in the list based on Quantity.Production-Screen



Process: In Production screen you  can find the two portion. The left side portion show the production stock items details. The  right side portion will show the additional fields such as date  Note and status. If you want to  move the stock items for production.  For example am going to take production items as Chicken Briyani. let  follow the process Enter the  STOCK IN items for the Production list. Select the type IN/OUT search the items from the list. Enter the quantity and click on Add button. and also Select the all IN  items from the list which is moving to production and also select the OUT  items and search the Product items and click on add button. Enter the Note for production and click on Add button. Automatically alert will be generated.Purchase-Entire-Items


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