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How to buy Unavu

You can find the live Demo program and start working right away in demo version.

What is the demo mode and what are the restrictions?

  • Unavu demo version  is a full working software, however the demo version have following restrictions 
  • Transaction can be made only on 1st and 2nd day of any month
  • Auto Upgrade will not work.

 Application You can directly download through Google Play store/IOS store. For more information please  visit the link  UNAVU POS for download. 
http://www.unavuapp.com You can buy Unavu directly online worldwide with all major credit cards. As soon as your transaction is completed you will receive Activation Code which will remove the demo mode. Alternatively you can place order at sales@unavuapp.com and we will send you the invoice. You can then send the draft /cheque to us or deposit it in our bank account.

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