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Mode of Operation

They are three type of  Mode of operation are available in Unavu POS Application they are

  • Waiter
  • Admin
  • User

The waiter login screen is used to enter the UserName and Password and click on Submit button to enter into the application. After login only landing screen can be view by the waiter to create the order.
Landing screen is managed by Waiter and only visible to Manager of the restaurant.Category:Click on Home button, to see the available category name of the restaurant,if you select the category name form the landing screen,it visible all product name are available in the category and select the product name, the alert message is generated which table you want to select.After select the table, the product name and rate is visible in the select table and Alert message (send to kitchen) is generated.Click on Send to kitchen button to confirm the items are prepared and send to select table form kitchen section.Select another table and the process is continued, in that same table the new customer will be jointed and again click the select table the Split table is created.After finish eating to select complete table, the total payable amount is generated.To enter the amount, the balance amount is generated and the process is continued in all tables

Home:To view available category in the restaurant.
Settings:To click settings to view the IP address, order printer, kitchen printer and printer model.
KOT:To click on KOT in menu contain list it should be navigate Kitchen order item details by the orders.
Chef: To click on Chef in menu contain list it should be navigate waiter item details while delivery details customers
Logout: To click on Logout it indicate in Red color in menu contain list it should be EXIT for application.
for more information follow below figure:
Figure for Waiter  
 After admin login the home screen is managed by the restaurant’s Manager\Owner.All operations of the restaurant managed in that screen.Menu contain list form admin application: follow the link to know about the MENU list available in admin
for more information follow below figure:
Figure for Admin
After user login select the table and number of guest and click on continue dining button by the customer.Customer can create the order by own by using user app in restaurant.For more information follow the below figure:
Figure for User
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