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Login Credentials for Unavu POS 

You will be presented with login screen.Use the following to login to the system.

Restaurant id:25
User Id:admin@unavuapp.com
Note:This is Default Administrator account details Unavu Team provide access by giving the restaurant id,user id and password.After getting the ID and default Password by default you can change the password based on user need

For Desktop:

Normal Mode:Restaurant id,user id and password is asked and enter data with normal keyword
For IPad:
Touch Mode:You will be presented with a on screen keyboard.
After enter the all the mandatory fields and click on Login button to enter into the Unavu POS application.
New-Login-screenIf you New to Unavu pos application Click on New User button  for the registration process to use the Unavu Pos application.
Process: Enter the mobile number  and click on Proceed button











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