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Create Order

Booking Table

In Booking table screen the restaurant totally have sixteen tables.
The Green color tables are occupied by the customer so you didn’t select that table still the customer should quit the table but other tables are ready to order the food.
The Green color tables are booking table.
The Ash color tables are empty table.
The Blue color table is selected table,waiter choose the table and start order the food items.
Selected table:The select table is selected by the waiter and the customers enter into the restaurant and choose the table.Which table is selected by the customer that table is choose by the waiter and items send to the kitchen after creation of order by the waiter.

If did not select the table by the waiter and order the food, it will confuse to deliver the food so the selected table screen is used.for more information follow below figure
Figure for Selected Tables



Step-1:Create Order:Select the table its should be navigated to categories screen.You can select category(Ex:Break Fast)by items with icon,(Ex:Idly)send them to kitchen fast:Items are delivered through the kitchen printer.
Figure for Type of Icon

Icon For Order

Product/Items(Add note for Product): Select the items to add note for Special request(Ex:extra spicy) based on order.

Process: Click on item and select the notes template auto enable the request for Add notes on chef and click on update button to request note has update along with order items for chef for more information follow the below figure

Figure for Add note(Special Request):


Step-2:Increase and Decrease Orders:Select the product name to view the product rate and quantity number of the product and increase and decrease symbol.To click increase symbol (+) the quantity and rate of the product is increase and click decrease symbol (-) the quantity number also decreased.

Step-3:Update:Select the number of guest came to the restaurant to update their order to KOT and after click on Update button auto generated alert “Items Updated“along with Bill No &Token Number.
Step-4:Send to Kitchen:The selected category name the product name is visible and choose the product name alert message is created send to kitchen,click on Send to Kitchen button the order recieve by the  KOT section through printer.when the order is prepare and it is delivered to the customer.
Step-5:Clear:Click on Clear button to  clear the filed to Re-Enter the order
Step-6:<Back> to order different Category\Product:And also customer want to select item for another product from different category click on Back button to select the another category item (Ex:Category-Soft Drink,Product-Lassie)for more information follow the figure
Figure for Create Order


Step-7:Split Table:Click on split table button to quit from current order to create the new order for same table.(Ex:Table 5 already occupied by the customer and another customer is choose the table 5 so that time the split table will be used and created new table name will be view table 5a).
Step-8:Swap(Button):Click on swap button to quit from current table the same order transfer to other table.(Ex: customer choose the table 1 and create order, sometimes the same customer will be want to change the table, that time swap button will be used).
Step-9:Merge(Button):Click on merge button to display table screen for join the other table,two tables order view at one table.
Step-10:Complete Order for Table:Click on complete button to close the order items which was order by the customer for more information follow the figure:
Figure for Complete Order


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