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Queue Customer Display System

User Account Login by Admin

You will be presented with login screen.Use the following to login to the system.

Login details for demo

Restaurant id: 25
User Id: demo@unavuapp.com
Password: demo

Note:This is Default Administrator user account (Or) create by the Restaurant administration team details Unavu Team provide access by giving the restaurant id,user id and password.
Process: Enter the Restaurant id, username and password click on login button 

Unavu login Screen


Customer Display system

Touch screens as a popular user interface are more and more common. Applications span from public information systems to Customer self- table service terminals. A touch screen is a display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area.Such displays can be attached to computers or, as terminals, to it networks. Therefore it is very suitable for restaurant & time saving and also it will generate generate the Token for every customer in sequential manner .

Process: Select the Country field from the list and enter the Valid mobile enter and click on Enter Button. for more information follow the bellow figure


Fields Available:

Enter Customer Mobile:Enter valid number(Ex:91 9666764663)

Enter (button):To find the customer details weather he/she is Existing customer or New customer.
Customer Name:Enter the customer name(Ex:Naresh)
Customer Email:Enter the customer email id(Ex:unavu@gmail.com)
Data Time:Set the particular date and time for advance booking table for reservation
Number of Guest: Select the number of guest from the lsit(Ex:25)
Preference:Enter the preference has per customer need(Ex:need more 25 items available for party)
Description:Enter the description of advance booking
Generate Token :To continue with process.

Note: Mobile and Number of guest Field are Mandatory in the Customer Generate Token Form.




Table Allocate process :Allocation is process to allocate the table as per token number to avoid inconvenience for waiting Customers in your restaurant. Queue-Customer-Details

After Login into the Unavu pos application. Let Go to Menu. Select the Table booking from the list. In Table booking you can find the queue booking customer details list on left side portion of the screen.Allocate-Table


Select the customer then automatically in right side portion of the screen show the booking overview details. Click on Allocate Button to Allocate the table then waiter collect the order for allocation table form the customer.

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