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Printer: Receipt printers are an important part of a point of sale (POS) system. They are used in retail environments to print order receipt, kitchen receipt and customer receipts. Restaurants also use receipt printers to print off orders back in the kitchen or at the bar.The main options for choosing receipt printers include thermal printers (most common), dot matrix printers, and ink jet printers etc….
In Unavu POS application we have printer setting to config the multi printer with different  section available in the Restaurant. This session  will Provide information about how to config the multi printer with Unavu POS application. 

 Step-1: Click on + Add button to add  Printer name (Ex:Kitchen printer Order printerand select the printer Model (Ex: Star TSP143LAN, Star TSP143U, etc….) and configure printer IP address in the field. and check box is available to config the cash with selected printer click on save button.
Step-2:Auto generate the  information alert box by ” Printer configuration Update successfully”  and click on OK to close the alert box. for more information follow the below figure

Click on edit icon for selected printer  in the list and click on Delete button auto generate the Warning alert box to confirm to delete click on yes  button to delete the printer from the list, for more information follow the below figure








Update Printer settings:Click on edit icon for selected printer  in the list and select the field and Re-Type/Re-Select and  click on Update button auto generate the information alert, for more information follow the below figure 

 To check configure printer with Unavu POS application, use the Test printers button. To check whether printer is working or not and also it will print the test receipt.If printer works : It will print sample Text print receipt and also generate message alert.
If printer not work: It show a error message in the application

Process: Go to Menu and select the Printer module and click on test Printer button to check the printer.

If printer is not work just click on Restart Button to Reset your printer configuration in the application.

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