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After Waiter creating the order he will update the items list and click on send to kitchen button then the item will update to KOT with Dine-in & Take away icon to prepared the items.
Table Groups:

  • Show all
  • Set 1-10
  • Set 11-20
  • Take away

Show All:It show the all table groups in the KOT.
Set 1-10:It show the only 1 to 10 table in the screen.
Set 11-20:It show the only 11to20 table in the screen.
Take way:It show the only parcel order in the screen.
KOT Status Guide:Guide will find in the KOT Information based color indication
Assign Button:It will assign to Chef Section to prepared the order.It indicate in Light green color.
Deliver Button:After preparing the order chef will click on deliver to send order to the table.It indicate in Yellow color.
Cancel Button:The order was cancelled by admin.It indicated in light Red color.
Cancel Accepted Button:Click on cancel accept button to accept the cancel requested for the admin. it indicate in Orange color.For more information follow the below figure:
Step-1:Click on Assign button in KOT it will send to Chef section to Accept.
Step-2:Click on Prepared button in chef section it will send to KOT to Delivery the order.
Step-3:Click on Deliver button in KOT auto close the order.
Step-4:Click on Revert button it will change into Deliver to replace the order for miss match.
Step-5:Click on Deliver all button it will deliver all Takeaway order in KOT Display.

Show Delivered:Option is available in the KOT to show the delivery order details for example:If the waiter click on deliver button for another table.For revert the order again.Select the Show Delivered option and click on Revert button to replace your order again for more information follow the below figure

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