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Invoice is nothing but reports based on restaurant payment.for more information follow the below figure:
Process for invoice:
View:Click on view button to know the particular invoice number(Ex:inv1115).
NOTE:If bill is spending select pay now or else skip the field
Pay now:Click on pay now button and auto enable the payment process to make payment.through card.
Filed Available:
Card number:Enter card number of the card holder
for example: 1234 5678 9123 4567
Exp date Mon/Year:Enter month and year based on your card.
for example: 13/2024
Card holder Name:Enter name of the card holder
for example: 13/2024
Security Code:Enter Cvv code based on your card
for example: 642

View Orders: it is nothing but to know about order id , type and amount for more information follow bellow figure

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