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Chef section

To specify the particular chef section we will use button as a KEY to short out the Items based on KOT
Click on Accept button it will change into Prepared button.
Click on Prepared button in chef section it will send to KOT to Deliver the order.

Show Prepared:Option is available in the chef to show the Prepared order details.
For example:In chef section click on accept and auto change into prepared and click on prepared button in chef and it will send to KOT the waiter click on deliver button for another table.Revert the order again.Select the Show Prepared check box and click on Revert button to replace your order again for more information follow the below figure

Nothing but Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)to select the process to prepare a order in chef section based on items like

  • Show All:It show the all KOT  details.
  • No Process:No need to process to chef.
  • Breakfast:It show only Breakfast items which was mapping with Breakfast  in chef section(Ex: Idly,Dosa, etc…)
  • Veg:It show only Veg items which was mapping with Veg in chef section(Ex:Veg Briyani,Veg Palau etc…)
  • Tea Items:It show only Tea items which was mapping with Tea in chef section.(Ex:Green tea, Lime tea etc…)
  • Tiffin Items:It show only Tiffin items which was mapping with Tiffin in chef section.(Ex: Idly,Dosa, etc…)
  • Sweet Items:It show only Sweet items which was mapping with Sweet in chef section.(Ex:Kasari,Doublekameta etc.)for more information follow below figure:

Chef Section Process:
Select the chef section form the list such as Show All items form the list based on selection It will display the order details for more information follow the below figure:

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